The Untouchables


How did we get to this point?  How did we get to single in our late 30’s?  We look after ourselves, keep fit, are at the very least reasonably attractive..  We’re funny, creative, intelligent, ambitious, successful.

What happens?!  Do these sought after traits in your 20’s and early 30’s become something else, something a little scary or daunting at our age?  HAVE WE BECOME THE UNTOUCHABLES?

Finding a man at this age does indeed feel like going for jobs that you are over-qualified for in that even though you need the job, you want the job, heck you’re even dreaming about the job, something about you just seems to omit a fragrance of desperation.

How can you be single?  I get asked this.  It’s not that I’m too picky or have exceptionally high standards.  By contrast I’m very easily pleased.  In fact the reason that I sit here single today is that I have been too trusting and too easily pleased and spent too long in the wrong relationship, with the wrong man.  Singledom to me is freedom, empowerment and self-love.

So today is therefore a day of Celebration – Valentines Day!  For us forever singles let’s treat it like a birthday, a day to acknowledge how fabulous we are and recognise that for ourselves.  We’re not over-qualified, we’re well experienced!  We’re not lonely without a lover, we’re grateful to not be with the wrong one!  The plus side to this knowledge is being able to recognise when to run as fast as humanly possible from bad sex and not go back.

Which leads to this little gem shared by a member of the elusive Cunt Session Circle, a perfect example of run the fuck away and never look back.


“The initial chat was great and yes I was totally flattered that a 31 year old was paying me some attention.  I also quite honestly liked the sound of a man that could cook…for me.  His choice of profile photos told me he was a man with an ego and so did his chat.  The banter was great.

We arranged to meet at a bar in the city and he was waiting outside.  I was disappointed, Tinder photos can be deceiving. 

I knocked back the wines and thought fuck it, it’s only one night I don’t intend to talk to him again, so we went back to his house.  He cooked me goulash adding fake plastic cheese after earlier shaking his head when I ordered calamari at the bar, insisting I should have checked with him first.

He had promised me great things and all I got was limp dick and bad cunnilingus.

My alarm woke me at 6am and I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. He kept shoving his cock at me while I dressed in a hurry.  Keep dreaming sunshine.

I decided I would try and ghost him until he fucked right off as I’d shared my personal number with him.   He made it so easy…. “






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